Your Voluntary Service with Schutzwald

If you want to spend about one year in Ecuador, with Schutzwald you can go to Ecuador as a "weltwärts" volunteer. The "weltwärts" program is a joint effort of civil society and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). By the support of the "weltwärts" program, we can provide comprehensive preparation and monitoring of the stays of our volunteers and support our partner organizations in Ecuador.

We also offer you the possibility to do a shorter and "unregulated" voluntary service. This could be, for example, a concrete project, an interneship or a research stay.

The focus of our association lies in several areas: Education, health care, management of natural resources, forest and water ecology as well as technical support, in which we have gained many years of experience.

We offer you to develop and plan together an idea and a concrete approach for your stay in Ecuador. We would be happy to introduce you to our projects and communities, prepare you for your stay in Ecuador and put you in touch with local people who will be there to support you during your stay. Unfortunately, the Schutzwaldverein cannot finance a stay outside the weltwärts program (such as flight or insurance).

Since August 2018, the first volunteers from the Gulf of Guayaquil have been doing a Schutzwald Voluntary Service in Germany at the Bürgerstiftung Pfalz.

The Bürgerstiftung Pfalz is a community initiative of citizens and was founded in 2005. It has the aim to contribute to a sustainable development in the Pfalz. The foundation is responsible for various projects, the main focus of its activities lies in the areas of education, village development and environmental and natural protection.

We are looking forward to receiving applications for the job advertisements published here!