Further Projects

Coastal-Amazonian Exchange Program

One of the first proposed projects was an exchange program with Namakim, a Shuar village in the rainforest. The inhabitants of the coastal communities first hosted the Shuar and later travelled to the Oriente themselves. Both groups organized a cultural program and there were many opportunities to learn from each other.


Several villages and NGOs have jointly drafted an appeal to the provincial government to provide a garbage boat, as the options available so far for disposing of the ever-increasing amount of plastic waste include only incineration, burial or throwing it into the river. However, the garbage boat does not yet exist, so regular garbage collection campaigns, so-called mingas, are started together with the volunteers.

Environmental and social projects

In addition to the larger projects, smaller environmental and social projects are also emerging time and again, for example, in recent years smaller reforestation projects have been carried out, or a Reglamento interno (rules for internal village life) has been developed in a community meeting. In general, the projects and volunteer positions are relatively dynamic and new ideas can always be developed and implemented thanks to the creativity and initiative of those involved.